Summertime madness…

4 days away from the official start of summer….and I am ready for school to start!!!! I have already had my first cup of coffee and yogurt spilt all over my carpet this morning. Guess I’ll be looking on pinterest to see what brings up coffee stains the best 🙂 thank goodness for  pinterest!

Shout out to all the moms that blog, run their own business, craft, etc on a daily basis with their kids home!!! I feel drained and definitely NOT motivated to do any of it with my kids home. Having 4 kids is definitely a job that occupies most of your time! I need to remember to find time for myself and my interests. Lately I think I have been too stressed to feel the want to create anything or blog. It seems anytime I get ready to do either one someone took someone’s something or other or there is screaming. Or one of them is staring at the other and yes, that apparently is a big deal here in our house. 🙂

Eventually they will be back to school, and eventually they will be too grown up to hang with Mom so for now I will embrace the madness. 





Wood frame crafts

About a month ago I scored on 8 awesome wood frames from our local thrift shop. I knew instantly I wanted to make some cute jewelry or picture hangers from them!  So I got out my paints and began the creative process 🙂

Basic wood frames

Basic wood frames 

Earring, picture hanger

Earring, picture hanger  I love this one the red chicken wire pulls it all together. I added the handmade flower proof thingy to give it a shabby chic look. So far I think this is my favorite! I need to get my hands on some old knobs! I think that would be the icing on the cake. 

Chevron jewelry organizer

Chevron jewelry organizer  I really like how this turned out. I like the polka dot backround. The hangers are painted wine corks if you can believe that! I originally wanted to find some old knobs but had no luck so I improvised!


Chippy paint!

Chippy paint! I love the look of this one! I used a new way to distress it. The vaseline method works pretty well! I will definitely use it again. This one is simple and sweet. I like the blue tulle bow. Adds a touch of color. 



Summer is here…

I am really behind on my blogging lately. Summer break is here for my kids so we have been busy doing a whole bunch of sleeping in, eating popsicles, catching up on our favorite tv shows, playing in sprinklers and other fun summer activities. I have also been finding some fun activities and crafts to do with them this summer. Glow in the dark lawn bowling is first on my list!!!! I will post pics of my head and floorboards soon. I need the right lighting in my room and just can’t seem to catch the deep red on my phone.  I have already started on a new project, 8 of them to be exact 🙂  I will post before pics soon as well as what it is they are going to become. Have a blessed day lovelies.

Headboard and footboard redo

Picked up this beauty a couple weeks ago and decided I wanted to paint it a deep red. So the hubby sanded it down for me(I know, such a sweetheart) and I went with a colonial red. I will post pics of the finished product soon!Due to really crappy weather we had to postpone the final seal on it. I am so in love with it because it is something my loving husband and I worked on together. This piece will be going in our bedroom. Not letting this baby go!

Meet the blogger!

Meet the blogger!

Hello!Thanks for visiting my blog.Nothing too exciting going on yet 🙂 Here is little bit of info about myself. I am a 27 year old stay at home mother of 4 wonderfully rotten children.I just want to make beautiful things. I have always loved to make stuff. Call me artsy fartsy, I don’t care. It’s what I do and I love it. Can’t wait to share the things I make and what I think is beautiful 🙂